Tuesday, March 5, 2019

SALESPITCH: New Hemi Engines: How To Rebuild, by CarTech Books

***Blatant Sales Pitch: My employer, CarTech Books thought for some crazy reason, that I might like the new Hemi book, so they gave me a free shipping discount code (ScatPackClub) to share with you all.***

Since I became a doctor of Hemitology back in 2013, I've been following the trends and mods that go hand and hand with the GenIII Hemi.  I've owned three of them now, and I absolutely love them.  I've had my ears to the ground, looking for that Craigslist score on a 5.7 Hemi in need of work.

I consider myself pretty handy and always attempt to do mechanical work myself (until it's proven I can't do it), but rebuilding an engine has always been outside of my wheelhouse.  The task just seemed too daunting.

Well that's where the new book from Larry Shepard & CarTech Books comes to the rescue.  It takes what seems like an impossible task (to me) and lays it out in a way that makes even me seem like it can be done.  Larry is no rookie either, he's been a master of Mopars long before I could walk, let along show off my gold "doctor's" chain.  Larry cut his teeth as an engineer, parts manager and racing coordinator - he's also the author of many other very well received rebuild and max performance books in the CarTech catalog.

Being a visual person, I've always thought books were not well suited for my style of learning.  Well, with over 400 color photos to go along with the very step-by-step procedure shown in the book, I was wrong.  Also, being able to easily reference this while working on a rebuild is invaluable.  I've done the whole "print out forum posts" and it turned into a nightmare of formatting and wasted pages, and photos deleted.  Plus, Larry can't get mad and delete this and remove the pictures, like some forum posters have been known to do.  Once this book is in your hands, it's yours forever.

After reading and re-reading this book, my search for a rebuildable 5.7 has only intensified.  Once I find my GenIII Hemi, you can bet your ass this book will be at my side during the rebuild!

-Dr Bud.

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