Jeep Wrangler Owners Club

This is for members of the Jeep Wrangler Owners Club on Facebook.  These are 2.5" decals, printed on outdoor rated vinyl.  These are sold in pairs.  Ships free within the USA. International orders are an additional $2.

Decals are mailed out every Monday morning.

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WAVE DANGIT! It's the mantra of the Wrangler owner.  Place this 4" tall sticker on your windshield or driverside mirror to let other Jeep owners know you're down with the wave.  Or at least the two-finger salute.

Decals are mailed out every Monday morning.  This sticker is sold individually.

Shipping Location

Looking for the super-secret combo of two Jeep Wrangler Owners Club stickers, along with a single WAVE dangit! sticker?

Here ya go!

Shipping Location

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